Saturday, 26 November 2011

New born.

Firstly, I am new at this. Secondly, I am not a good writer. But, I decided that I have to write because my mind can’t stop thinking. A lot of things in my mind. Sometimes I cannot sleep well. It is like when you have a lot of crumpled papers in your brain and all messed up. I need to channel these crumpled papers--> something. Perhaps writing blog might help. Thirdly, I am writing all these because I have a new laptop.  So, I am very – in a good mood to run my beautiful lady fingers on this new-shop’s-smell thing. Oh, another thing, please don’t mind my language. I am not a grammar- cautious- type person. As long as the message is conveyed, then it is okay. Got it? off!

There is no need for me to introduce myself  in-depth. I am truly me. You will know more about me throughout the journey of this library-of-life. I want to share my thoughts, my knowledge and my experiences with you. Yes, you. The one who is reading this blog, of course.

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